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First time with us? This information about our bungee and aerial trainings could be useful: 

HdB Vienna.HEIC

What should I bring? 

Bungee training

We recommend: clean indoor shoes with soft soles and rather thick & long pants. Please also take a water bottle with you and drink enough during the training :) 

Aerial training

Yoga mats and yoga hammocks are  provided by us without additional cost. We recommend: Comfortable clothing without zippers/stones (these could damage the hammock). 

When should I be there? 

For all training sessions, please be there 10 minutes before the start of the lesson so that we have enough time to adapt the equipment to you. We ask for your understanding that we cannot let anyone into the studio during a training session. The latter applies to registered participants who are more than 10 minutes (for bungee training) or 5 minutes (for aerial yoga) late as well as participants who arrive more than 10 minutes before the start of the booked training. This regulation should enable everyone to have a pleasant experience with us. 

What's next on site?  

Please get in touch with us at reception first so that we can check you in. You can then leave personal items in the cloakroom/change your clothes. 

Further procedure: 


Please come into the hall changed and in clean shoes and choose a spot (friends are also welcome to stand next to each other). We will adjust the number of bungee cords to your weight and adjust the height accordingly. We'll show you how to put on the belt and help you adjust it :) Finally, the belt will be connected to the bungee cords using a carabiner and you're ready to fly!

Our recommendation: The belt should sit loosely in both the legs and hips during the first workout. 


Please come into the hall changed & in socks/barefoot and choose a hammock. We will adjust the height of the hammock to you and you can lie down and relax!


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