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Bungee fitness, aerial yoga and jumping fitness at HdB Vienna are ideal for a fun and unusual celebration, both with family and with work colleagues. Children's birthday party, Christmas party or an introductory workshop - everything is possible. Up to 10 people can take part in a 60-minute or 90-minute training session with our trainers. The date can be chosen freely and a fun & unforgettable experience is guaranteed! :) 



Does the price depend on the number of participants? 

A: No, we charge a flat rate. 1 - 10 people can participate. 

Can children also participate? 

A: Yes, children can attend all training sessions. 

Until when can you cancel free of charge? 

A: Free cancellations are possible up to 2 days before the agreed date. 

  • 1 Std.

    150 euros
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